Venus Berlin
  • Eroiy Kisses the Erotic Industry Awake
    by VAN Redaktion on 15. February 2018 at 15:41

    February 15, 2018. At least since the groundbreaking success of the erotic-inspired “50 Shades of Gray” series, the expression of sexual desires has become more and more socially acceptable. Above all, online shops and entertainment services on the Internet are the winners of the newly […]

  • The Venus Encyclopedia of Weird Sex Stuff: Air Sex
    by Venus Adult News on 14. February 2018 at 9:27

    Running a trade magazine for the famous Venus trade show based in Berlin has its perks. One definitive pro would be that you are never short of interesting anecdotes, sassy tidbits and sleazy facts. The disadvantage is obvious: the knowledge is quite useless. Unless you are in the sex business. […]

  • News in Distribution Round-Up January 2018
    by Venus Adult News on 14. February 2018 at 9:22

    This is the sixth edition of the monthly Venus Distribution Round-Up, this time a little later than usual. We apologize for the delay. The round-up is intended to give you a compact overview of everything that happened in the world distribution in January 2018. It collects all […]


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