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International contacts combined with regional market knowledge is the formula that makes you, our partner and customer, a winner. Our basic recipe to best advise our clients!

We will guide and support you through the entire process of achieving your goal.

It is our endeavor to give you, as a human being, back the peace and balance that will become a vital elixir of energy now and in the future.

Fire is heat, air is breath, water is life, earth is permanence. Find the harmony between the elements that accompany you on your path every day with us.

Ambiente Wohnkultur

Whether you are looking to start a business, find a calming bedroom element, need a new component for your relaxation rooms, or are looking for a noise-free component for your furniture production, moving in or out or traveling around, we can help you find the perfect calming object for you.

Those who cease to strive for improvement have ceased to be good, and so our constant ambition is to keep changing our business structure for the well-being of our loyal customers. With 30 years of experience in sales and in the furniture and bedding industry, we can look back on 10,000 satisfied customers across Europe who still find the needed peace and rest with our complete solutions today.

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Ambiente Schlafkultur


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