Dominique Insomnia

Dominique Insomnia

Dominique Insomnia, owner of the Insomnia Erotic Nightclub, performer, sex therapist, film producer, dominatrix

Sex has always interested me more than any other topic.
When I was six years old, I wanted to copy lady de winter (yes, the one with the three musketeers) on television, as the King’s mistress. At 16, I learned that my mother worked as a dominatrix – and I found it incredibly exciting.

At the age of 18, I opened a SM studio on the Ku’damm and ran it for 10 years together with my mother, from whom I learned the craft. During this time I was very involved with the SM interest community, politically and culturally very much for a liberation of the SM & Fetisch from the dirty corner and the recognition of the prostitution as a profession. In 1993 I was the first to introduce a Domina School for aspiring Dominas to complete an SM course before letting them work with customers.

In the mid-90s, I came into contact with the legendary KitKatClub and hosted the first INSOMNIA party there in 1997. At this time, many of my shows – PornArt theaters, created small, mean, nasty stories dramatically porno. The result was DoubleTrouble Berlin, a crazy show troupe with whom we perform at fairs and fetish parties throughout Europe.

At that time I shot more than 80 reports for the erotic magazine Wa(h)r Liebe on VOX and later produced for Beate Uhse TV “Lust Pur – with Conny Dachs” and “Intimes Deutschland – with Carmen Rivera” to the 60 films and for my porn series “Dominique’s Fuck Academy” I received a Venus Award.

In 2006 I opened the INSOMNIA and fulfilled my dream of having my own club. With great attention to detail and passion I run this hedonistic parallel universe with the claim to offer people an interactive playground of pleasure and as an exciting sex lab, where guests can live and discover themselves.

In 2011, I successfully completed my training as a sex coach and last year I founded the Hedonistic Social Club e.V., an association dedicated to promoting the hedonistic lifestyle. Because of these new inputs, the offer of Insomnia has expanded, there are regular sex, BDSM & bondage workshops & lectures, polyamory events, cuddly parties and partnership Playfights.

I am also happy to be back at Venus this time with a booth in the Fetish Area and hosting the Venus Fetish Party on Saturday in the INSOMNIA, getting in touch with lots of interesting people and being proud of my design input to contribute to this extraordinary fair.


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