24. - 27.10.2024

Berlin Messegelände


24. - 27.10.2024

Berlin Messegelände


Erotische Hypnose

Live hypnosis with extra kick

Experience erotic hypnosis at VENUS in Berlin

Munich/Berlin, October 2022. Erotic hypnoses belong up-to-date to the hottest trends in the erotic range. Appropriately Erotische-Hypnose.com offers on the VENUS the visitor:inside the possibility of testing this singular experience live locally. Interested ones can announce themselves in addition already in advance on the Website of the offerer. In addition, spontaneous Hypnosen are possible. Who would like can test the whole also on the stage before public. Because several times the demonstrations are presented on the main stage in the show hall.

Almost anything is possible, even an orgasm

“The most important thing in advance: no one can be forced to an orgasm by hypnosis, which he does not want. If the fair visitor lets itself however on the voice of the Hypnotiseurs, then it is possible c alone by the stimulation by its voice – a climax to bring about”, so Lady Tara, probably the most well-known voice behind Erotische-Hypnose.com. Here the basic conditions play a large role. “Whether this is possible with loud fair events in the background, will be seen. But even without a climax, it is easily possible to have a very exciting experience with a short hypnosis directly at the VENUS in Berlin.”

“What you know from stories are pure old wives’ tales”, as Lady Tara knows: “A lasting suggestion can never be set without the desire of the listener. This is because the effect of hypnosis is based on the listener’s own imagination and voluntary engagement with the story being told.” Lady Tara’s hypnoses are ultimately self-hypnoses and only work if listeners really want to allow the suggestion.

Imagination knows no boundaries

Hypnoses work because they stimulate the imagination. Whether it’s gender swapping, sex with supernatural beings, or transforming into a sex doll; the limits are only in one’s imagination. As a result, a wide variety of fetishes can be lived out, regardless of whether they are already actively lived out themselves or whether there is simply a great curiosity to try out a new fetish – anything is possible with hypnosis. Alone or in pairs: the stimulating effect of the audio books is not limited by the number of people.

The most famous artists:inside for Erotic Hypnosis audio books are Lady Tara, Theia and ViVe, who offer their audio hypnoses for download on Erotic-Hypnosis.com. Their audio books are real hypnosis, so that the listener:s experience the suggested experiences for almost every fetish and erotic preference on a deep level of consciousness themselves. “For us, actually, no fantasy is too extraordinary and we like to fulfill special fan wishes in our stories. Unlike reality, everything works in the imagination, so individual preferences are much easier to implement in hypnosis than in erotic movies, for example,” explains Lady Tara, inventor and most famous voice of Erotic-Hypnosis.com. “Our own fantasies in our head cinema are more appropriate than any erotic movies and can excite us much deeper.”


About Erotic-Hypnosis.com
The online portal has been offering erotic audio books since 2011 and is the leading provider in the German-speaking countries. In 2015, the platform received the Venus Award for the most innovative erotic product. In 2019, the second Venus Award followed as “Best erotic online product”. The range of erotic hypnoses is constantly being expanded to appeal to different preferences. The large selection of audio books is available as MP3 files for download in the store at https://erotische-hypnose.com/shop/.

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