FAQ Tickets

I bought a ticket online, how do I get my ticket?
You will receive an email with a link to your ticket. You must bring the ticket with you to the event. To view and print, you need Adobe Reader.


I would like to buy tickets online and something does not work.
Please contact the customer service of our ticket provider Paylogic:
Tel: 030-30 806 319


I do not want to buy tickets online, are there other ways to purchase tickets?
Yes, you can also buy the tickets at various presales.
Of course there is also a ticket sale on Venus.


Can I enter and exit my entry card several times?
Day tickets = No, the admission ticket entitles the participant to a one-time admission and loses their validity upon leaving the event. This also applies to the VIP day ticket.

Duration card: VIP permanent card holders are entitled to multiple entries per day.

Normal season tickets entitle you to a one-time admission per day. When leaving the event, the ticket for this day loses its validity. This ticket is only valid again on the next day of the fair!