Kate Frost

Kate Frost venus 2018

Experience the fascination of authentic, naturally lived dominance of a captivating, enchanting and at the same time unapproachable beauty that can playfully banish your wits, detect your weaknesses and know how to seduce and control you by all means. Controlled and guided by an experienced hand, ecstatic and intoxicating moments will lead you into the limits of your existence, addicting you with more. Experience me at the VENUS 2018!

Early on, my private SM passion developed. Already before I visited the first studio, I had already used to slaves for a long time. The finishing touches came when I was 18, in a big renowned studio, where I got to know the world of the SM in all its forms. I worked here for 6 years, but soon realized that it was not enough for me. Submission does not correspond to my nature, I have always felt as a leader and doer, who has to go their own way.

In my work as a dominatrix, I’ve traveled a lot and have met several studios, people and fetishes. Experienced and experienced, I train women and pass on my collected knowledge. I perceive my guest as a play partner and fulfill an authentic role play in which I can act both meekly and extremely. It is wonderful when the human base, the chemistry is right. Then it’s fun for both, and that’s the end of it, guaranteed.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get an appointment because I do not consider my vocation as something casual but part of me, and I feel like playing with it. This is very important to me and that is the only reason why I have been there for many years. Take the opportunity and visit me at Kinky Lounge of the 22nd VENUS 2018!


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