Lady Cora

Lady Cora

If you read through the definition of sadism, you will find many explanations – many unattractive.

However, my style can not be categorized, although it comes very close to compensatory sadism – but the importance of this is the compatibility of my opponents.

To ensure this, a high level of empathy and deep understanding of the client’s needs is essential. I bring this by my high experience, since I am firmly anchored in the BDSM scene for years, with home.

You will not only find in me an opponent, but a mistress who can meet you at eye level in the right moment. BDSM and all its multi-faceted varieties as a sub for you in the first place trust: to let fall and to be led over the personal limits, always means a piece of control.

I am aware of this high responsibility as an above-average attractive mistress, because I also bring the same amount of care to my own body as my opponents. The Kink in me developed already in earliest youth, quickly crystallized a natural dominance behavior in group dynamics or in 1: 1 situations out and so it was not difficult, in the early 20 and the newly won environment of Berlin the way to professional use as a mistress to find. Making the vocation a career paved the way to personal satisfaction and this is reflected in the passion with which I conduct my sessions. My playing field is multi-faceted, but my personal and absolutely special preference for podophilia. I myself have aesthetic feet that deserve nothing more than to be paid tribute by your humility. Interact with me to stake our personal playing field and let us lose together in the flow of perversion.

Stage name: Lady Cora

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