Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle

I’m Estelle, a fairytale, playful creature that will enchant and overwhelm you in ways you’ve never experienced before. As a tender and experimental sadist I am referred to by the men who have fallen for me. Experience me at the VENUS 2018!

My slim, petite figure, my long blond hair and my sweet smile will not let you expect to see what brutality I am capable of. First, I show myself as a sensitive seductress and charm you, but even as I put the shackles on, you notice the sparkle in my eyes and feel a change in my delicate nature.

The dark goddess in me awakens and has chosen you as her victim.

So I place myself with my well-formed Apfelpo on your face and rob your breath. If my lust then comes over completely, I order you to swallow my sweet pee. You will serve your mistress and deny none of your perverse lewd fantasies. I love to force men to satisfy my lust.

The better your dedication, the higher your chance to be chosen for such a service. So, make an effort to please your goddess! My appearance is like a trap: I look lovely and girlish, but I also have a playful little devil in it. You will plead for mercy through your desperate moans and sorrows. No, the game is far from over! It culminates in a discharging ecstasy of my unbridled lust until the Olympus of my rapture over your torments.