Lady Farah

Lady Farah

Lady Farah has been advertising the slogan “The only true Mistress” for years, and opposite her delicate appearance, this Mistress from Düsseldorf embodies a charisma that forces men to kneel.

In the House of bizarre Dreams she makes dreams come true, fetishists hover on Cloud 7, especially Dirty Games lovers experience a brisk mixture of torture, fetishism and dominance.

Role Plays get a new dimension with Farah’s Sessions! In her multiple personalities she can hardly be stopped, whether as a fetish, bizarre or latex fetishist, all with passion.

The proverb: “Queen of fucking everything” fits like a fist, because Farah takes what she wants and she gets it. The golden centre exists in our universe, but Farah takes care of the world and indulges in the luxury of fully fulfilling her personality.

Experience BDSM and fetishism life with Lady Farah during the 21st Venus in the Kinky Area on the Werbeverlag booth, fascination and eroticism guaranteed!