Lady Indre Baltic

indre baltic

You’ve always wanted to make your darkest fantasies come true, but you’ve never trusted yourself so far?

You have enough of your boring daily life?

Then you are exactly right with me!

I am a Lithuanian beauty with self-confident, erotic charisma. A woman, as you know from your dreams.

Young, picture pretty, with an erotic accent, bittersweet and hard at the same time. I love playing with you, driving men and women alike. Carrot and whip was and is my favorite game.

Early on, I was aware that men are inferior to me and have only one task – to serve me!

Extremely sadistic and strict, I find great pleasure in testing new boundaries. To use you, to torment, to play with your lust and to beguile you with my charms. But I can still be sensitive and understanding.

Despite my angelic appearance, I know how to defeat you. I am here to fulfill your longings, to satisfy your deepest desire, to give you what you really need and deserve!

Of course, also beginners and handicapped people are welcome.

Lady Indre is in the KinkyArea from Thursday to Saturday. She will gladly be available for photo and autograph requests.