Lady Luci

Sexy Domination by Lady Luci - the fine art of Fetish and BDSM

Lady Luci

I am the fulfillment of your unspoken wishes, bizarre dreams!

In my presence, the ordeal of his own life begins in another, bizarre world, to escape for a time of everyday life.

To the inclined guest, I offer this endless variations in the interplay between touchable dominance and arrogant distance to his submissive inclinations, bizarre fantasies and perverted dreams under the guidance of a young, breathtaking hot, but still very strict, active and experienced lady in absolutely extravagant top studios with whole to live out a special and discreet atmosphere!

Here I dominate you as a sadistic, very sophisticated and sneaky sexy lady in psychological and especially erotic role-playing games.

I am your mistress, your teacher, your supervisor, your governess, your tormenter, your wife doctor or your nurse and you serve only my amusement!

I spoil even the gourmets of the scene with my very special noble delicacies.

I guide beginners gently to this special fetish!

So you’ll forget about time and space for a moment with everything we do, finding yourself in submissive, horny roles that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

All this I like to combine with horny Abmelkspielen with my milking machine Venus 2000.

Or is it allowed to be something more?

For example, double sessions with my natural horny slave?

Maybe you prefer to enjoy voyeursessions?

Maybe you would like to experience a double session with one of my dominant or bizarre friends?

Or with one of my horny bi-slaves?

There are endless possibilities and constellations on how we can shape our game.