Lady Xara of Avalon Show

Lady Xara Show

For more than 15 years, Lady Xara has been one of the most successful and interesting Dominas in Germany as a top-class high-class domina. As a passionate player and perfectionist out of conviction, she is particularly impressed by the perfect aesthetics of perfect stagings and lives up to innovation, variety, brilliance and variance in demand and consistency.

In her shows, Lady Xara of Avalon, a studied classical singer, not only impresses with visually stunning productions that seem borrowed from the world of myths and legends, but also with her powerful and changeable voice. She sings live and seduces live and knows how to enchant and captivate the audience on different stages with this unique combination for years internationally successful.

In this year’s show at the Venus Berlin impressive images of flying rope art are combined with modern BDSM techniques and accompanied by a comprehensive vocal-musical repertoire of various genres – from the classic aria to Progressive House. As a counterpart presents Lady Xara this year, the sugar sweet, innocent slave Usagi, who passionately devoted to the perfidious varieties of the mistress

So the audience can expect high-class and high-class BDSM with artistic standards at the highest level – a musical and aesthetic fireworks for the senses!