Madam Lucie Adamant

My name is Lucie Adamant.
I am a professional Madam from Czech Rep. At work I am min 15 years old.
I have my S / M studio in the city Prostějov. It is about 50 km from the city of Brno.

This lifestyle fills me, it excites me and it brings great joy – Happy.
Every day I wear leather outfits. It’s my big fetish.
Latex is also very nice, skin on the body, but it can only be worn in the studio, latex play party, fair.

My favorite practices are: Fetis, Footfetish, Bootfetish, Lock slave in the CB Diamond, Slightly practical, Humiliate slave also to the public, sometimes Hart Praktik -CBT, Ballbusting, and captive, very beautiful Whipping in nature, .. ,