Venus Berlin

Manege Bizarre

Ladies and gentlemen, Meine Damen und Herren, Madame et Monsieur Welcome, Bien Venue and Herzlich Willkommen to the Manege Bizarre.

This is the place for all Kinksters, SMers and fetishists – The KinkyVenus presents the “Manage Bizarre“ for the very first time at the Venus, – which is the little sister of the ”Star Walk“.

This is the place to meet your fetish idols and serve your online mistress in reality – the Manege Bizarre, the Kinky Meet & Greet of the KinkyVenus.

The Manege Bizarre is one of the highlights of the new KinkyVenus – it will surround the performance stage like a swarm of bees would their Queen – meet the models and makers and shakers of the national and international scene up close – for a short chat or to take a picture.

So who is the ”Mange Bizarre“ for exactly? It’s for all models and cam-ladies / clip-stars of the fetish scene – as is the case with it’s big brother, the StarWalk in the Erotic Hall, the KinkyVenus provides all of the stars of the scene the chance to get together with their fans – so if you want to be a part of it, simply click on this LINK and register.

If you have any further questions, just send an email to:

The stars of the Manege Bizarre 2017

lady doro venus 2017

Lady Doro

Hot, blonde and relentless It is a well known fact that women can be nastier than men in some cases. Even when first impressions can be deceiving, one shouldn’t allow the wool to be pulled...
la trisha sm fetish bdsm at venus berlin

La Trisha

I am a latex and fetish model with passion, I love what I do and enjoy it in all situations. I am not "just" a model, but a true passionate latex fetishist 🙂 A also...
crazy sue aus düsseldorf

Crazy Sue

Crazy Sue (32) from Düsseldorf, is a Famous Erotic & Fetish Model. Many people know her also as host of the Youtube Channels "Aufgebrezelt" and the "Castingbox"...   This Year she is the show host of "Kinky...