Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Hello to all slaves, toy fans, ladies and visitors of VENUS,

I am looking forward to being part of the fair this year. As a professional dominatrix and fighter (female wrestling) you can meet me regularly in the studio Tartarus.

There I can live out the facets of my personality that otherwise remain hidden beneath the surface. My voice has already shaken many and my grip escaped only a few. I love to play with crown jewels as if they were flatterers – gentle but intense. Even when dealing with percussion instruments I’m not squeamish. Nevertheless, I delicately prove the limits.

To the same extent as the current shakes the slave’s body, I increase the pain to a state of pure ecstasy. My gaze points the way through the shallows of being exposed. That’s what appeals to me: this mix of passion, superiority and pain. Add to that the feeling of leather or latex on the skin and boots that tightly enclose my strong legs. In these moments, the Amazon Queen awakens in me: powerful and malicious.

But if you show me the necessary respect, I also show me gracious, indulgent and even humorous. On the VENUS I will give you an impression of it together with my slave Pitt.

Experience our shows on the VENUS on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday!

If you want to get a taste, just visit my website: