Mary Moon Boom

Unique look, extravagant shoes, the overall appearance:gracefully erotic! this is Mary Moon Boom, Italian origin, the photo and fashion model from the petite nymph to the hairy Cleopatra, from the tattooed Gothic fairy to the bizarre fetish Domina is able to portray a wide range of women’s roles and types of women, whether in front of the camera, as a party adornment, as part of a burlesque show or on the catwalk.

Mary calls her red and black her favorite colors, so it is no wonder that she is particularly infatuated with the red-black dotted and delicately winged ladybug costume.

Despite her strong inclination to exhibitionism and self-staging, Mary never acts superficially or artificially. There is always something personal, something mysterious, something deeper behind the staging that is not just a show. Above all, Mary celebrates herself: a dazzling personality, but with a restrained temperament – and an unobtrusive beauty with great expressiveness that wants to enchant without seducing.


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