Medusa Goddess

Medusa Fetish Goddess

Hello, I’m Medusa Fetish Goddess. My empire extends from vinyl, leather and latex to nylon, S-M and much more. If I have piqued your interest, then you should definitely keep on reading. In the following, I provide a short description of what hides behind the Goddess Medusa. I am a passionate fetish goddess and high heels fetishist from Zurich, Switzerland. While working as an erotic model for several years now and being continually booked as a fetish model. I discovered my love for vinyl & leather. Since then wearing garments made from these one-of-a-kind and wonderful materials has been my passion. I round off my sizzling outfit perfectly with my extravagant boots and sexy high heels. I enjoy acting out my special desires at parties all over Europe, but also at home in everyday life. Those who already know me from upscale fetish parties, know how comfortable I feel in my sleek, shiny latex costumes and how I don’t want to go one single day without vinyl or leather anymore. Should you wish to know more about my life and my personal preferences, I recommend visiting my website FETISHMEDUSA.COM