Miss Lana Poison

Kinky Star- Miss Lana Poison

Miss Lana Poison, a captivating and challenging Lady who will take your breath away – she knows, what she wants and she knows, how to get it!

Feel very welcome my bizarre fancier, white room & medical enthusiasts, masochists, fetish lovers and slaves.

I am a bizarre dominatrix who will use you as her toy and cue ball, dedicated to my horniness and pleasure. Once your vibrating body is under my control, I will satisfy my sadistic lust. Celebrate with me some outstanding orgastic experiences, trust in me, show me your desires, I will share them with you.

I am looking forward to get to know you!

Miss Lana Poison will be present on Thursday, October 12th, Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th at the Kinky Venus Hall (upper gallery) on the booth of Domina Bizarr Studio Elegance and VIP Lounge Elegance.