Photographing at the Venus

taking pictures at the venus fair in berlin

Photographing at the Venus

The Venus put on a show to look at and to admire, since it is understandable that you want to take some memories in the form of photographs and film material home

To not disturb the other visitors and exhibitors, there are the following rules:
Photography or filming is allowed during the event in principle and with the following restrictions:

• They are permitted only small cameras that fit with the camera lens and flash unit in a box of 20x20x20cm, additional objects and flash units are not permitted.

• Anything that helps to take pictures, e.g. photo stands, ladders or chairs are not permitted for safety reasons.

• Photography and filming of the shows and presentations at the (Venus) stages is allowed without restrictions.

• Photography and filming of activities, demonstrations as well as of goods or the like at the exhibitor booths is allowed after consultation with the exhibitor. He may prohibit photography at his discretion on the booth.

• Photography and filming of visitors is permitted only with the visitors approval.

Please observe the rules so that everyone can enjoy a great show. Contraventions results in the sequestration from the fair.