Professor Cara von Teese

Cara von Teese

Professor Cara von Teese – The guideline in the execution of her professional passion stands on the legs of intellectual spirit and creativity. Professor Cara von Teese is an alpha woman who proves her leadership skills in every interaction with her clients. No matter how hard the method she chooses as a measure may be: the reward will be the efficient correction of educational deficits. Nevertheless, she does not only act in a leading and educational position – but also with psychotherapeutic function. With her expertise, she is not only able to physically discipline you, but with her help you can work out and correct emotional blockages by means of relaxation techniques of progressive muscle relaxation. Thus, she is approachable, although also for the subpart only on a spiritual level. The next major topic in her vita implies her as an expert on role-playing games and unusual fetishes – here, too, the professor welcomes creativity and unusual versus the conventional. It is domiciled in the Old bizarre railway station in Duisburg.