24. - 27.10.2024

Berlin Messegelände


24. - 27.10.2024

Berlin Messegelände


Valeria Ko Art

Valeria Ko is a Hamburg-based passionate artist whose colorful paintings explore femininity in its many forms. Prints and originals will be presented by artist herself on Venus ’23 for the first time.

What 3 words best describe you?
Stylish, talented, perseverance.

What 3 words best Describe your art?
Passion, colorful, honest.

Can you describe your artistic process?

I’m watching movie or tv show, eating food before start working.

What is art to you?
First of all, it’s my job, I’m a full-time freelancer. But at the same time art is a therapy for me. Every time I draw, I forget my problems and let myself go. I feel happy every time I’m doing watercolors.

What do you hope people take away from your work?
I hope it’s a feeling of happiness and excitement. I want them to feel a little more openminded.

Social media plays such a big part in many artists lives but it’s also a heavily censored medium. How do you deal with that when you produce work that challenges the norm?
Somehow my works never cross this bridge of censorship. I’ve never drawn dicks or vaginas. My work’s not about it. Of course, a viewer can assume what’s going on in the painting but I never show the actual sex in hyper-realistic way, just the excitement.

erotic art

What do your family & friends think of your work?
I’ve never drawn any vulgar or dirty things so my family and friends are absolutely fine with my art. My friends are very proud that I have publications in various magazines and that I’ve participated in exhibitions.

What’s your favorite piece of work to date and why?
For now, my favorite piece is the mural I did in a bar in Amsterdam. It’s the huge mural in the very center of Amsterdam. I really love the city and I was happy and honored to have left something big there.

It’s a nice feature on Valeria in Pornceptual https://pornceptual.com/in-your-face/
Site https://valeriakoart.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/valeria_ko_art/
Twitter https://twitter.com/valeria_ko_art

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