VENUS 2018: The tension is increasing

Kinky VENUS 2018

Micaela Schäfer loves to cause a sensation with unusual actions. Now the face of VENUS 2018, which opens its doors in Berlin on October 11th for four days, has come up with something very special: On 17 September, she received her own slave right next to the Brandenburg Gate. Slave? Yes, exactly!

The Kinky VENUS face Domina Charlize and the fetish model as well as the Kinky VENUS presenter Crazy Sue handed Micaela Schäfer a slave wrapped in red latex suit in broad daylight. This is called a gift in the VENUS style!

You want to know how Dominatrix Charlize and Crazy Sue handle their other slaves? Then it finds out on the Kinky VENUS 2018 and dive into the erotic world! Click here for the VENUS tickets: