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  • Inside Pakistan’s Sex Toy Industry
    von Venus Adult News am 22. July 2017 um 9:41

    The Economist reports: »Inside a small, gloomy factory in a provincial city in Pakistan, two young men huddle over a grinding wheel. They believe they are making surgical instruments. But like many of the small, local firms manufacturing steel and leather goods for export, their employer has a new […]

  • Pleasure Chest Issues Reponse to Criticism
    von Venus Adult News am 19. July 2017 um 23:11

    New York, Manhattan – The sexshop chain Pleasure Chest from New York, Manhattan issued a press release in response to criticism against working conditions brought forward by their employees who decided to unionize on June 29. Pleasure Chest faced global headlines early July when the […]

  • OLB Media vs MindGeek – Legal Fight Over
    von Venus Adult News am 19. July 2017 um 22:58

    BOSTON — OLB Media says it will fight an attempt by MindGeek to trademark the term “” after receiving a copyright infringement claim from the adult entertainment conglomerate. In May, after submitting a trademark application for the term “,” MindGeek sent a letter demanding […]

  • The Museum of Sex Recasts Itself as an Edgy Art...
    von Venus Adult News am 19. July 2017 um 22:31

    Alexxa Gotthardt reports for »It’s easy to disregard New York’s Museum of Sex as a tourist trap—one that advertises heavily on the subway, and features a breast-themed Bouncy Castle. Museums of erotica, like Paris’s Musée de l’Érotisme and Berlin’s Beate Uhse […]

  • China’s Latest Crackdown on Live Streaming
    von Venus Adult News am 19. July 2017 um 22:25

    Rebecca Tan is reporting for »It turns out that the Chinese government’s latest “crackdown” on the live-streaming industry is less about politics than it is about, well, porn.  There has been a considerable amount of panic in the news following the Chinese government’s recent […]

  • Sex Toy Expert Jennifer Berman on Late Night’s...
    von Venus Adult News am 18. July 2017 um 13:04

    Conan O’Brien talked to sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman, one of the hosts of The Doctors. The legendary talk show host was curious enough to let Berman use a sex toy meant to help women to reach orgasm easier on his face. Dr. Jennifer Berman, the 52-year-old sex expert and urologist from Beverly […]

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Crazy Sue

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